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LEDA LED Displays Passed TUV EMC Certificate
Release Time: 2013-09-25 12:48:20

EMC Product is a trend for the Europe countries. LEDA products had passed TUV EMC test and get the certificate, types LEDA EMC products had exported to Europe countries, LEDA has the ability to provide you products with EMC certification. 

LEDA LED Display is certified by TUV, a professional EMC test lab of Germany. We achieved the certification through special modification and redesigns on PCB board, grounding wires, filter, magnet ring embedded, etc, to ensuring the secure, scientific and environment-friendly applications. 

MC (Elextro Magnetic Compatitbility) is the ability of a device or system, which is subjest to the strict requirement in its electromagnetic environment and doesn’t bring any intolerable electromagnetic interface to other devices or systems in their environment. 

EMC testing includes EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and EMS (Electromagnetic Susceptibility) 
Test items of EMI includes:
- Radiation 
- Conduction
- Harmonic
- Flicker 

Test items of EMS includes: 
- ESD, Electrostatic Discharge
- EFT, Electrical Fast Transient
- Surge 
- RS, Radiation Susceptibility
- CS: Conduction Susceptibility
- Magnetic Field: Magnetic Field
- DIP: Voltage DIP
- AC Low Frequency Conduction Susceptibility
- DC to 150KHz Continual Conduction Susceptibility 

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