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What's the Viewing Angle
Release Time: 2013-03-12 9:49:09
Viewing angle is the maximum angle at which a display can be viewed with acceptable visual performance.

In different environment condition, the request brightness of LED display is different according to the environment contrast ratio. Indoor LED display request a lower brightness but high request for viewing angle. Outdoor LED display's brightness is higher than environmental brightness, and also with better grey degree, therefore its viewing angle request is not as high as indoor, generally between 35-- 50 degree.

The relationship between brightness and viewing angle
If the viewing angle of LED lighting part become lower, the brightness will be higher. Vice versa. If the contrast ratio between LED screen's brightness and environmental brightness is higher, the led display's showing performance will be more colorful. However, if the brightness of LED display is too much higher, it is bad for people's eyes; and much more power are being wasted , much more heat being produced ,then tempreture become much higher, and then led chip's brightness decrease much faster, of course, its lifespan will become shorter. Hereby, LED display's brightness and viewing angle should be fixed by the request of application environment.

Indoor SMD Screen Viewing Angle is about 140 degrees in horizontal and vertical.
Outdoor DIP Screen Viewing Angle is about 120 degrees in horizontal and 60 degrees in vertical.

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