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How to Find A Suitable LED Display for Your Project
Release Time: 2013-07-17 13:58:49
There are following factors you should keep in mind while choosing led displays:

1, what kind of content you need, Only letters & numbers or pictures & videos. There are single color/dual color/fullcolor displays for choice.

2, where you want to place the display, indoor or outdoor. Indoor display has low brightness and non-water-proof features compare with outdoor display.

3, what is the minimum viewing distance you require. Different type displays can be used for different viewing distance.

4, does the display close to the sea, as the display installed close to sea need have strong ability for moisture proof and corrosion proof, and LEDA will have special design for this.

5, the highest and lowest temperature of the installation place, to decide if we need cooling system and heating system.

6, the distance between display to the control computer, to decide if you need fiber and fiber converter.

7, does the cabinet for fixed installation or for diverse application, like you need it for rental. Different led displays have different feactures, specific controllers, accessories and mechanical structures.

LEDA has a professional sales team, please freely contact us for precise solution and suggestion.

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